About us

We are European Union based company, expertly managed with the goal of significantly increasing profitability for the FX Broker. With our many years of experience in the FX market and working with MetaTrader, we understand your needs and provide you, the broker, with a tool that will greatly boost trade processing, and effectively cut costs.

Our staff

We employ a highly respected staff with considerable practical experience and solid reputations, ensuring unequaled product and service..

Our strong R&D

Our strong R&D capabilities provide for rapid functionality enhancement and customizable development

Our software

All of our proprietary software is developed In-house, assuring efficient client support.

Our founder

Our founder has worked in this industry for many years with specific focus on improving on the MT4 services. What separates us from the others is that we address every concern and have developed a comprehensive package.

Advantages to partnering with us include:

Our spread policy is simple: to offer the tightest spreads possible, with no discrimination based on how much (or how little) you trade..

  • access to multi-feed liquidity.
  • automated execution at best market price
  • no restrictions on trading strategies.
  • millisecond execution.
  • professional support team
  • West Valley Consultancy offers a stable, traders oriented environment in Forex industries

    We strongly believe in respecting the interests of our clients by creating a best execution that enable them to achieve their goals and satisfying trade experience.

    West Valley Consultancy LTD is Prime Clearing Member of EUEDEX Financial Exchange (European Union Electronic Derivatives Exchange.
    Registered Member ID: PCM-2333

    Thank you for trading with us!